REFINERY EXHIBITION: FELLOW, curated by Shane Darwent / Tulsa Artist Fellowship

A write-up of the newest Tulsa Artist Fellowship show, "FELLOW." Internal content for the TAF website.

Yoga teacher strives to help others with Crohn's / TulsaPeople Magazine

Dee Day lost her digestive system to Chron's Disease a long time ago, but that hasn't stopped her from living a fulfilling life. Now she wants to give back.

Levain is All About the People / Edible Tulsa

A new bakery in south Tulsa focuses on face-to-face connections—and grilled cheese.

A delicate act / The Tulsa Voice

A review of the new show at 108|Contemporary, "Variations on the Theme of Loss," by TAF Fellows Emily Chase and Tali Weinberg.

More than rhyme scemes / The Tulsa Voice

Oklahoma incarcerates women at double the national average. How Poetic Justice, a nonprofit teaching poetry workshops in Oklahoma's women's prisons, is addressing the problem.

'Real art' / The Tulsa Voice

Tulsa's INKSLINGERS art collective celebrates its first anniversary as a group art show and repository of Tulsa's artistic talent.

From the neighborhood to Hollywood / The Tulsa Voice

A conversation with "Transparent" producer/writer Micah Fitzerman-Blue about his screenplay "You Are My Friend," a biopic about Mr. Rogers.

Cultivating imagination / The Tulsa Voice

Anna Badkhen's new book, "Fisherman's Blues," takes a deep dive into the world of artisanal fishing in Senegal. An interview with Badkhen and review of the book.

The trial of Stanley Majors / The Tulsa Voice

Stanley Majors stands trial for the murder of Khalid Jabara, a hate crime. What this means about the state of justice in America.

That which is within you: A conversation with George Saunders / The Tulsa Voice

A conversation with Man Booker Prize winning novelist George Saunders about his novel "Lincoln in the Bardo."

Community with a side of coleslaw / The Tulsa Voice

A pop-up deli in the heart of Tulsa gives new life to old traditions.

You've got to be carefully taught / The Tulsa Voice

Two men, divided by race and age, confront each other about one's past misdeeds—in public.

Advocacy mode: An interview with Mental Health Association Oklahoma's Mike Brose / The Tulsa Voice

A mental health professional struggles with the state's funding priorities.

Do you get it? / The Tulsa Voice

Tulsa's Philbrook Museum shows mountains of previously unseen material.

Word on the street / The Tulsa Voice

Tulsans downtown speak up about the day's most frightening political problems.

No need to press paws / The Tulsa Voice

An international feline festival comes to Tulsa.

Repairing the world / The Tulsa Voice

A preschool dedicates a children's library to the victim of an Islamophobic hate crime.

In bloom / The Tulsa Voice

Tulsa is a weird place to have so much James Joyce stuff.

The Ponyboy effect / The Tulsa Voice

S. E. Hinton doesn't like that her book might have saved someone's life. But isn't that what art is for?

The Yankee from Chelsea / The Tulsa Voice

Oklahoma novelist John Wooley dedicates his strong voice to telling a New York Yankee's life story.